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LaserLogik is the most reliable source for industrial laser services. Face-platesBecause there is no need for expensive dies, laser processing is perfect for short run specialty items and prototypes, as well as mass-produced precision parts.This technology has the ability to hold tight detail that dies cannot. Our lasers produce the cleanest, smoothest edges, and they do it cost effectively and with 100% repeatability.

Our experienced staff of laser operators, CAD programmers, graphic designers and customer service representatives are here to assist our clients with every stage of the ordering process, from artwork to final production.

GasketsWe find solutions to your design challenges, efficiently processing your components to within .001″ accuracy. Using the best laser cutting equipment in the industry, LaserLogik has the ability to perform laser engraving and cutting through, perforation, drilling and scoring, all of the tasks needed to produce your unique product.

Our laser digital converting is ideal Cylinderfor processing a wide variety of materials used in creating precision component structures, devices, and subassemblies with tight tolerance.

Our lasers have the capability to manufacture parts and packaging using materials that include polypropylene plastics, rubber, magnetic materials, acrylic, paper and cardboard.

Talon-GolfPrecision laser cutting allows us to produce intricate cut designs that are too complex to create by hand. We produce specialty die cuts on a variety of materials and perform multiple processes in the same work area.
Whether you need a single gasket, a series of specialty templates, or unique product packaging, LaserLogik can cut just one part or thousands, and anything in between.

We serve a wide range of industries, producing high quality parts quickly and cost effectively. Some common industrial manufacturing applications include architectural modeling, stencils, filters, signage, protective films, instrument panels and dials, abrasives, automotive parts, and protective and breathable packaging. LaserLogik will give each job the individual attention it deserves.